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  3. Absolut intressant. Det hade varit mer uppseendeväckande och därför antagligen bättre pr-möjlighet att ha kvinnan representerad för sina meriter (småleende med armarna i kors) och mannen som skojfriskt ögongodis. Det hade varit roligt att se en man glatt jonglerande med citroner med ena ögonbrynet höjt, eller drickandes grädde iklädd fräsch, blommig sammetskostym.

  4. mistral scrive:la touche poteva anche starci, però con l’uomo in più e la mischia abbastanza dominante, vai a calciare per i tre punti?… ci si riempie tanto la bocca con i nostri avanti, e poi per una volta che ci si poteva provare veramente a fare il botto, si calcia…boh!… bella partita, comunque…

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  7. Jag tokgillade Singularity och tycker om Gears, men jag känner verkligen inget sug efter det här spelet. Känner mig väldigt konstig när alla andra hyllar det och jag fortfarande inte har minsta lust att ens testa. 😛

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  9. Polemics that distort history and make claims of fact that are nonsense don’t strike me as the kind of thing rationalists should be encouraging. We (quite rightly) don’t like it when the fundies do it so we sure as hell shouldn’t encourage it either, even if the message is one we happen to like. Nonsense is nonsense.

  10. Forgive me if this has been posted/discussed already, but it seems BoA is out $40 Billion as a result of its shotgun wedding to Countrywide.I like how its now ‘BoA’s Blunder’, like they just tripped over the closing table and ended up in bed with Tan Man Mozilo’s bastard child. At least the article has the decency to mention how the feds left BoA completely unprotected, cash and carry, like they were selling off a persian rugs at the bazzar. No mention of the knife point at KLs back, though. See also,

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  16. You’re not accurate on Greg Bown. He was only recently appointed COO – and was not a part of the current portfolio selection – which of course happened 12-24 months ago. I don’t mind your insights, but would like it if your facts were at a minimum accurate.

  17. Bravo mon frère pour cette intéressante description de la vie à la togolaise. C’est pas toujours un exersice facile de parler de la peine avec tant d’humour comme tu l’as fait. A défaut d’en pleurer ave de grosses larmes, on en rit à gorge déployée, quoi.

  18. I love the photo with your doggie! I have grown to love camellias just in the past couple of years, though in my part of the world they are one of the defining plants. It is wonderful to see them blooming from late fall to early spring when the garden is mostly a sleepy gray. I’m so sorry you have been sick; stay healthy and strong now!

  19. pour ta réponse ! Mais la première question reste toujours sans réponse… je suis dans l’allier en ce moment et certains magasins de vélo ne savent meme pas ce qu’est un fixie… Merci d’avance pour vos futures astuces !

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  21. And Matt points to the 1115.org blog and corresponding flickr stream. Matt Cohen of 1115 is down in New Orleans investigating how much has changed as far as he can see. His first post titled "Unimaginable" leads with a photograph of a piece of stickerart which reads There is no real intention to rebuild New Orleans. And follows with three short sentences: You have no idea how bad it is down here.

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  31. “how much I need a phrase that incorporates the tender brutality of a forced and enforced consent into something as plain and bald as rape”and:“the part that came back after he was finished and I was alive again”thank you, my dear — so gorgeous!Love –mattilda

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  34. Hi Ellie,I so love your blog and I always come here to drool at your bakes. I love mango and will try this out. Thanks for sharing the recipe :)Btw, I have tried your Appel Panenkoek and it turned out so nice that I just have to post it up on my blog. Sorry for not asking your permission first to put up the recipe there but I have linked you though. Thumbs up for that recipe. It was delicious.Thanks and cheers,Elin

  35. KristianJL I had the great pleasure of pitching to Michael a few years back when he first took the helm at Sony. Great guy – respectful of creators. He listened and responded enthusiastically and then threw me a few questions that rocked me back on my heels (and that I handled pretty well, I thought!). Really glad he is still there because, God knows, there is a lot of turnover in this business.

  36. Nat · I am so sorry! I am going through something almost identical to you right now and am training for IMWI. I am so grateful for the training, some days, it is the only thing that keeps me moving forward! Hang on, brighter days are coming!

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  50. JC wrote: “The big difference between the last x million years and now is human beings pumping massive amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere!!”Excitable (two exclamation points) JC apparently doesn’t even know that there have been far higher levels of atmospheric CO2 on earth in previous pre-human millenia. F for Fail.

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  52. Well I'm going to Port Townsend in the morning and the rest of the world can go to hell for all I care. At least at the grand ball tomorrow night there will be plenty of cleavage to admire and dance with.

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  91. – especially about confusing creativity with artistic ability. Had a similar conversation with some of my students Friday. Creativity is a hard thing to define. But in my mind it has something to do with taking what is chaotic or unformed and bringing order and beauty out of it. Shaping raw materials into productivity, meaning, loveliness, powerful use…I think creativity is one of those things like Love or Worship that you name, but you’re never able to define. Love you and love your thoughts here.

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  93. ‘She’ knows Hiroshima as most of the rest of us ‘know’ history – through museums, photos, etc. ‘He’ denies that this is ‘knowing’, but he wasn’t there either – he isn’t a survivor. Is he justified in dismissing her ‘knowledge’, merely because he is Japanese? I’m not sure the film follows this up. ‘She’ is clearly drawn towards transgressive affairs – but in 1959 the ‘collabo horizontale’ was surely still seen as very transgressive, while the one-night fling in a far country may not have been considered de trop for the globetrotting Parisienne! Are the affairs truly comparable? Were either of them really ‘love’?

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  96. I too was deeply disturbed by the question from the NY/NJ called. I was equally disturbed by the vile and hate that Jack expressed toward a misguided listener. It might have been in Jack’s best interest to just ignore the call and not put it on the “air”. Maybe that way everyone’s blood pressure would have remained “normal”.Current score: 22

  97. Am I the only one who feels this is loooooooong (aka verbose). This does not change my feelings for you, except to say I am proud to know you! I can only imagine the mental torture you have endured. However, being a writing teacher, I wonder if “down the road” you will be writing and then I met this girl………

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  119. I can say with absolute..wow. I am so sorry about your parents trials, and because you love them, yours as well. I can read in your words how much you all love one another. That is truly a blessing, and yes much to be thankful for. Amazing.. thank you for sharing your story.

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  126. Maya,This is the second time I comment on your blog…. Dont ever let anyone judge you for the decisions you make….your choice to have Ronan with you is yours and only yours.And no one can tell u or suggest that you “bury your feelings”….no one knows how you feel unless they have been through itthemselves…continue your mission…you are very inspiring and a lovely person who just had a horrible if not the most horrible thing to happen to her. contine your letters to Ronan….

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